Think Massively!

We need to learn to think massively. The world around us is facing massive problems that desperately need massive solutions.

The problem is that we have come to the table with small thinking, little ideas, and tiny solutions.

Let me give an example…

Close to 1 billion people do not know if they will have a meal today!

How have we been taught to respond?

“We will say a prayer for you.”
“Let’s have a carwash to raise funds to feed the poor.”
“Let’s have a collection Sunday and pass the plate for a special offering.”

As well intentioned as these responses are, they make almost zero difference on the scale of 1 billion people who don’t know where the next morsel will come from. This is an example of small ideas and tiny solutions.

Now consider the following…

Jesus said, “The Kingdom is like a seed…”

Take a seed.

Plant it.

Harvest its fruit.

Take the seed from the fruit.

Plant it.

Harvest the fruit. You now have more than you can handle.

Share the seed with your neighbors and teach them to do the same.

When we begin to truly understand this Kingdom principle, we will see that there is no excuse for poverty – except when we live in the land of small ideas, and limited thinking.

If one seed can feed the world, what about the God-given seeds that are in you?

We will talk more about the power of seed in future posts.
Please share this seed and help us to grow.

"Above all get wisdom. And with all your strength, gain understanding." - Solomon Proverbs 4:7.

Americans for America.

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