Americans Deserve a Fair and Transparent Election in All States! President Trump needs your help to protect the integrity of America's fair and transparent election. Donation: Any amount of your donation is highly appreciated. Americans are deeply disappointed, troubled and disheartened by reports of irregularities, including widespread frauds, in the wake of the presidential election 2020. Americans urge our Supreme Court to apply the measures in our judicial system to hold all the perpetrators accountable for the egregious actions they took to distort and alter the outcome of this important election. A FRAUD is a fraud, regardless of its magnitude, as we have explained to our children. Fraud not only diminishes the value of each legal vote, but betrays public trust in a government of the people, by the people, for the people. Since its inception, America has been a shining example of democracy for the rest of the world. People flocked to this land from all over the world in pursuit of a better future for themselves and their families because they firmly believed in our fundamentally fair and transparent systems that guarantee protection of everyone's constitutional rights. Frauds have no place in our democratic election system. They are blatant attempts to undermine our democracy and the very foundation of our constitution. They represent the antithesis of all the values we hold dear for centuries, fairness, equality, and integrity. As law-abiding citizens of this great nation, we can not acquiesce in the current state of affairs. We have to speak up loud and clear to defend our sacred constitutional rights. America is at a historic crossroad. Your kind donation will help President Trump's Defense Team significantly in saving America, preserve the integrity of our fair election, and protecting our constitution. May God Bless You and Your Family. May God Bless America. Volunteer of Army for Trump
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