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  • Tourmalines and Opals – October Gems
    Tourmalines and Opals Two precious stones for this October, the golden month of autumn that invites us to show off beautiful, luminous and magical gems: Tourmalines and opals. Let's talk about them! Tourmalines When we talk about tourmalines we talk about a unique universe in the world of precious stones due to its enormous variety of colors. Let's not forget that it is a gem that is shown in...
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  • Robbery of the Green Vault in Dresden
    Dresden Green Vault What Happened to the Green Vault in Dresden? One of the most spectacular historical arts jewelery heists in history has happened in Dresden. Just a few weeks ago and there is no trace of the thieves. The seriousness of the fact The fundamental difference between a robbery at a jewelry store and one at a museum is that in the latter case, not only private property is...
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    NAME This nomination alludes to the ease with which this gem is confused with others. Sphalerite has a high content of galena (mineral rich in lead) The Germans generally call it "Zinkblende", "blende" means blinding or misleading. ORIGIN OF SPHALERITE Sphalerite in gem quality is only found in the Chivera mines in Mexico or in the mountainous massif of the central part of the Cantabrian...
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  • Shungite, healing stone
    Shungite is a direct relative of the well-known coal. However, unlike coal, it almost does not produce dust and does not stain hands... Known since the end of the eighteenth century, the mineral shungite has attracted close attention of scientists only in our time. The reason is the presence in the carbon that makes up the rock, fullerenes - strong spheroids formed by the molecules of matter....
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