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  • Types of MDMA
    When MDMA was examined at medium and high doses, it showed a heightened hedonic and arousal continuum. The effects of blue dolphin MDMA on sociability have been constant, whereas the effects on empathy have been more inconsistent. With a doctor's approval, buy Blue Dolphin ecstasy 250mg MDMA. Dolphins in the colour blue MDMA is generally known as the "rave drug" and can be found...
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  • Blue Dolphin AND Blue Punisher Pills
    A form of ecstasy known as "blue dolphin pill" with a dolphin logo contains the synthetic drug MDMA (Molly), also known as 3,4-methylenedioxy-methamphetamine (awareness of surrounding objects and conditions). It produces feelings of enhanced energy, pleasure, emotional warmth, and skewed sensory and time perception and shares chemical similarities with both stimulants and...
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