If you’re looking to save money when flying Spirit Airlines, the best way to do so is to avoid checking baggage at all costs. While other airlines such as United, Delta, and American charge between $25 and $30 per Spirit checked bag, Spirit charges between $35 and $100 per bag, depending on how far in advance you buy your ticket and whether or not you book online or at the airport counter. If you want to fly Spirit airlines but still save money on Spirit Airlines baggage fees, here are some tips on how to keep from checking bags when you fly Spirit Airlines.


Bare necessities only

Spirit Booking Phone Number allows two bags per person, each of which must be a maximum of 20 pounds. One bag must be under 50 linear inches and cost $35 per bag. The other can be larger but it costs $100 for an extra 10 pounds (or any linear dimensions above 50), plus another $25 for every inch over 50 inches. There are some exceptions but they’re rare. For example, children ages 5-12 don’t have to pay extra for Spirit checked bags if they aren’t taller than 51 inches or heavier than 32 pounds; individuals with a permanent disability may travel with one oversized item free of charge.


No extra bags

On Spirit Airlines, you can check one bag per person free of charge. Anything extra costs money. If you're traveling alone and have a lot of luggage, you might be better off flying Spirit Airlines a major airline that allows passengers to check two bags for free—at least your first bag will be free. Regardless of whether or not you'll pay for checking in an extra bag on Spirit, it's best to travel light when possible. One way to do that is by only packing carry-on items, which also lets you skip long lines at Spirit Airlines baggage claim and head straight for your hotel when your trip is over (since no Spirit checked bags need checked). It's easy enough to pack lightly—just leave heavy items behind like textbooks and winter coats.


Use a small bag

Most airlines have a standard size for carry-on luggage and if you don’t meet it, you will be charged extra fees. To save money when traveling by air, pack everything into a small bag. This includes your toiletries as well. Many hotels now provide mini soaps and shampoos that are perfect for travel. If not, look for travel size bottles of your favorite products and bring them with you. Anything else is just unnecessary baggage that won’t be worth paying for with Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy .


Check with airlines individually

Each airline is different, and some provide free Spirit baggage allowance (meaning you don't have to pay extra for checking a bag). Spirit Airlines, for example, charges $30 per Spirit checked bag. But other airlines might be less expensive. The best way to find out how much your airline charges is to check their Spirit Airlines website.


Don’t forget your shoes

When traveling with Official site Spirit Airlines, you’re only allowed one carry-on bag and one personal item per person. So, unless you want to go barefoot for your vacation, it may be a good idea to Spirit check a bag. But keep in mind, if you do decide to check luggage—one personal item counts as that bag too—you’ll need those shoes... and your toothbrush, phone charger, and other essentials; otherwise you won’t be able to use your wallet for anything but photo ID and to know more contact Flight Number Spirit Airlines. If you still aren't sold on checking bags (and who can blame you?) take a look at these packing tips from Spirit's CEO.


Carry-on restrictions

Spirit Airlines also has a list of what you can and cannot bring as carry-on luggage. Like most other airlines, Spirit’s restrictions include liquids, sharp objects and weapons. However, they do have some strict (and downright weird) rules that may surprise you! For example, if you’re bringing a computer with you (either a laptop or tablet), it needs to be in your own case. It also can’t exceed 16 inches in any dimension (height + width + depth). If that doesn’t fit in your carry-on bag, too bad—Spirit will charge $100 for your Spirit bag to be checked!


Avoiding checked baggage fees

When traveling by air, it’s a good idea to be aware of how you can save money. Many travelers are shocked by fees that airlines charge for checking bags, but there are ways around them. Spirit Airlines is a popular budget carrier in North America, and they offer lots of low-cost fares that don’t include Spirit checked baggage. It’s easy to avoid bag fees while flying Spirit Airlines—all you have to do is choose one of their unbundled options instead of a basic fare. You can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars by selecting an unbundled option over a standard fare with Spirit checked baggage included.