We often talk about crispy and fresh hot appetizers before going up for a full meal or at times sitting in your balcony in the mere evening you want some sweet and spicy bites which can make up for your whole day which has been much tiring. For the city which never sleeps, Mumbai is known to be a foodies hub as their snacks are fully amazing with sweet, sour and spicy collections which are loved across the globe. There are many people who opt for these collections on their Snacks Home Delivery Near Me or on the Online Snacks Delivery Mumbai app where maharashtrian dishes are just a one bite away. From having powha to chiwda, the Online Snacks Delivery Mumbai have tons of options with them savoring the best snacks of the times for the people. Some of them are as follows:


  • Shankarpali: It is one of the most renowned and popular Maharashtrian snacks which are also enjoyed during the festival times and is known as Shakerpara in Bengali and Shkkarpara in Gujarati. Usually made of maida, sugar, salt, ghee and milk, it can be very sweet, a bit salty which can literally shelf your life when consumed with evening tea.


  • Aluvadi: Aluvadi is also known as Patrode which is mainly a Malavani snack and is deep fried and has the ingredients of spinach and colocasia leaves and then is mashed with spiced potatoes with besan paste and rolled up with small spears. It is a pure crunchy delight which is also very delicious and has the capacity to kill one's hunger when it is deep fried in oil.


  • Kothimbir Vadi: The name of this dish is pure Marathi which actually means coriander fritters which is mainly known to be a common evening snack and is often enjoyed with coffee and tea. Moving ahead it is made with a mixture of gram flour with coriander leaves on the go and small sesame seeds. Together they are either steamed, sliced out or fried making the whole procedure act like a crispy snack.


  • Thalipeeth: Thalipeeth is one of the most common Maharashtrian snacks which would provide you the essence of the state with authentic ingredients in line. It can be termed as a mere multi-grain pancake which is mostly found in the western part of the country and state. Usually it is made of a special type of flour which is first roasted sabudana mixed with coriander seeds, rice, wheat and cumin seeds on the go. There are many vegetables and onions which are added just with the dough which improves the flavor and lastly it is dolloped with curd and ghee where one can enjoy this snack anytime in the day.


  • The Rice Chakli: In the southern states of India this dish is mainly known as Murukku where rice chakli is deep fried and is made of rice flour, gram flour and a mixture of many lentils with other ingredients such as sesame seeds, coriander leaves, cumin seeds and more which is then given a round shape and are to be very crunchy and golder-brown in color. With the help of dough they are fried in oil and can thus be enjoyed hot.


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