Grinding Gear Games has revealed the next expansion pack for its popular ARPG Path of Exile. Like all expansions, Sentinel will bring players recent adventures including the Sentinel Challenge League, 20 Atlas Keystone passives, 7 new “Super Boss Battles”, new pinnacle unique items, improved monster modifiers, Game controller support, QoL updates, reorganized challenge system. All players can do is to Buy POE Currency.

In Path of Exile: Sentinel, ancient constructs were unearthed throughout Wraeclast. Players will use the power of these Sentinels to control your level of risk and reward on the battlefield. Players will discover and collect sentries and harness their great power. Once deployed, they follow the player for a short period and empower enemies, soaring their difficulty and rewards. It is very necessary for players to spend POE Currency to enhance character abilities.

Sentinels are divided into three categories. The Stalker Sentinel empowers a moderate number of enemies in order as the player encounters them. Pandemonium Sentinels can empower many monsters simultaneously in one quick burst. Apex Sentinels will only enhance rare enemies, but have powerful effects. When Sentinels run out of power, they can be combined with the Power Core to assemble a new Sentinel that inherits the properties of the two shells you disassembled.

GGG has also added some small quality of life features that should help improve the ease of use of the player’s gaming experience. For example, it is now easier to add maps to the list of favorite maps on Atlas. In addition, there are more difficult goals for players to challenge, and players can also earn ten different rewards, including POE Currency.

There are some other updates, players can find out by themselves. They can also go to POECurrency to get the latest news, and players can also get more POE Currency at a cheap price. For every Path of Exile, the release of a new expansion is the best news.