Girmiti software provides certification for HCE, contact EMV cards, NFC / contactless cards, Visa certification, MasterCard certification, payment wallet certification, payment processors & EMV Issuance.

We offer EMV certification for terminal applications developed for POS, mPOS etc.

The certification includes Contact, contactless and includes NFC mobile devices.

We develop and perform contactless L2 certification for Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and Amex. We have expertise in EMV, L2 testing and POS analysts who will run the certification process.

The Cloud HCE solution will need to be certified with the Payment Schemes, Issuance system, Tokenization system that it needs to integrate with.

Any Mobile Payment Platform which integrates with the Cloud HCE will need to be certified with it to ensure compatibility and is working as per the integration specifications.

Our expertise in areas of testing, scripting on devices, platforms to test, help customer products to be certified and successfully complete UAT with 3rd party vendors.

Our Team designed, developed and provided support for PoS applications on different terminal SDK platforms based on business requirements from different regional customers (APAC, EMEA, Canada, and America).


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