As part of the May 2022 Update, Lost Ark will introduce new endgame content, with plenty of other events planned. Players can prepare more Lost Ark Gold to take part in this new content. Today’s announcement is good news for fans, as there’s still some debate about what kind of content is needed this month. Developer Smilegate wants to make sure the player base is ready for the challenges ahead, and will consider postponing some of the planned content.

But to the satisfaction of the team, players now know that Valtan Legion Raid’s release date has been set for May 2022. Developer Smilegate has confirmed that the new Valtan Legion Raid will be released as part of the new Lost Ark May update. That means the new Valtan Legion Raid end-game content won’t be playable until June.

As mentioned above, the new Legion raid is an end-game event that will require a dedicated team to navigate and defeat all bosses and challenges. Players will need to spend some Lost Ark Gold to improve their characters if they want to get an excellent result in this campaign. Smilegate says the player base has reached the item level required to take part, or will easily get there in the next few weeks, meaning they are now ready to put it in the game with Deskaluda Guardian Raid. 

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