EXANTE, a private company, donated 1 million dollars to UNICEF. This contribution will be used to fund the activities of UNICEF to help children and families in Ukraine. Assistance will be available to the country's war-affected populations. It will also be available to those who fled from threats to neighboring countries.

About EXANTE broker

EXANTE, a financial and technological investment company, was established in Cyprus in 2011 as EXT LTD. EXANTE has been operating in Cyprus since 2011 as EXT LTD. It adheres to strict European legislation and provides high levels of protection and security for its users. More than 500 people work for the broker, and they are present in more than 20 locations throughout Eurasia.

EXANTE was founded by professional traders who are stock trading professionals. The company's main objective is to offer market participants innovative high-tech tools in the fintech industry. CySEC has granted EXANTE a license to provide financial services for private and corporate investors.

A solid reputation in international broker has been built over more than 100 countries for providing excellent service. EXANTE offers the following services to its clients:

  • Trading on any device, one multi-currency account that allows access to all exchanges, including North America, Europe and Australia.
  • Easy access to all financial transactions
  • Shares, ETFs and bonds, futures, options, and other instruments (over 400 000 investment products total).
  • 24/7 multilingual support;
  • demo account;
  • Weekly macroeconomic overviews, including forecasts and expert suggestions;
  • The patented White Label trading platform for B2B financial infrastructure.

This platform is easy to customize and turnkey for multi-asset financial institution. White Label is a broker-created platform that launches in a matter of weeks and opens new business opportunities.

EXANTE has strong advantages

The broker offers more than the above benefits. It is also different from its competitors.

  • Full data encryption ensures maximum security for transactions
  • High-speed execution of transactions; more than 1,100 servers in IT infrastructure
  • Access to 50+ global markets for trading;
  • Every platform user has a personal manager from the beginning.
  • Hedging is simple
  • A free bond screening tool
  • The possibility of using bonds as collateral in leveraged trading
  • Access to exclusive high-yield securities that are only available on demand and not for regular trading
  • Professional trustee services
  • flexible pricing models.

EXANTE received many international awards during its operations, including the Best Digital Broker and Trading Platform, the Best Investor of the Year, and the Diversity in Finance Award. EXANTE is an international company that is reliable and is at the forefront of its industry. Brokers don't stop there. They continue to develop and stay ahead of the times.

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UNICEF was created under the auspices the United Nations during the 1946 post-war period. Its initial purpose was to help children and adolescents in Central Asia, Europe and fight for their rights. The International Emergency Fund was established to assist every child whose future or life was in danger. It did not depend on which country it came from or what role it played during the Second World War. The charitable community is still active in humanitarian work, more than 7.5 centuries later.

UNICEF currently has offices throughout 21 countries. UNICEF operates in some of the most challenging areas in the world, including 190 states and regions. The Foundation uses all of its resources and energies to create a favorable environment. These are the conditions that every child can thrive and grow up educated, protected, and healthy.

The following are the key areas of UNICEF's current work:

  • Assistance to Ukrainian victims of military operations;
  • Work with migrants and refugees
  • Eliminating exploitation, violence (including internet violence), and abuse
  • The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered a crisis.
  • Social protection and medical care
  • Create a family environment that is supportive
  • Justice reform, ensuring that justice is accessible;
  • The development of adolescents and their participation in society's life and decision-making processes.
  • Stopping the spread of HIV/Depression and Suicide;
  • humanitarian disaster response.

UNICEF is working globally to create and strengthen a system that protects the rights of children and adolescents in every country in the region.

Activities that support

The foundation is funded by voluntary contributions from private and public companies. The foundation has many regular partners that are like-minded who support its work:

  • Non-governmental and intergovernmental communities
  • Research institutions
  • international financial structures;
  • UN agencies, etc.

The Foundation's Goodwill Ambassadors have been a part of its charitable efforts throughout its history. These include Susan Sarandon and David Beckham as well as Angelina Jolie, Orlando Bloom, Angelina Jolie, and Christina Aguilera.

UNICEF, in partnership with partners, strives to make the world a better place for all people. UNICEF focuses on the issues of those who are left behind in socioeconomic progress.

The military conflict in Ukraine

Since 2014, fighting in Ukraine has been ongoing. The conflict erupted in 2022 and spanned almost all of Ukraine's territory. Despite repeated negotiations between the opposing sides, there have been no significant results. On a daily basis, the independent state is being attacked. For ordinary Ukrainian citizens, the war has become a tragedy: whole cities, hundreds of houses, and many people have been killed and injured.

According to the UN, more than 2,550 civilians were wounded and 1,890 civilians were killed as of 11 April. It is believed that the actual casualties are higher. Children who are innocent are particularly at risk. Millions of civilians have fled their homelands to escape the threat of their lives.

The UN reports that more than 4.4 million people have fled Ukraine since the outbreak of conflict. More than 90% of these refugees are children and women, who are most at risk from exploitation and trafficking. Many countries have joined hands to help the victims. UNICEF offers substantial support and humanitarian aid to Ukrainian citizens. It delivers food, medicine and basic necessities to those who are in greatest need.

The EXANTE donation

EXANTE, an international broker, couldn't resist and donated USD 1,000,000 to UNICEF in order to assist the Ukrainians affected. Alexey Kiriyenko, CEO of EXANTE, stated that the EXANTE team is concerned by the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. It is difficult to see the devastating effects of this crisis on young people's lives.

Management of the brokerage firm considers freedom one of the most important legal norms. EXANTE shareholders acted without additional words and donated money to support the families of children in Ukraine. Alexey Kirienko said that clients and colleagues are certain that the funds will be used to help thousands of people in crisis situations.

With the funds sent, there have been special areas for children's emotional and social support. These zones were opened at all the underground stations in Kharkiv, where over 17 000 citizens were sheltering during the past weeks. These zones have educational materials for reading, art therapy and games. Learning is made easier for children of all ages. Entertainment events are also organized. Carla Haddad Mardini (Head of UNICEF Private Financing and Partnerships Division) appreciated the prompt contribution of partners like EXANTE in humanitarian assistance.