Most Taboo has rolled out a new Lost Ark update, and while it doesn’t contain much new content, developer Smilegate has confirmed it’s in the works. This will stimulate the desire of players to buy Lost Ark Gold to take part in the game.

This game patch won’t add any new classes to Lost Ark, nor will it make it possible to travel and explore new areas and raids. But it offers some key fixes for fans who have been affected by some annoying bugs in the game.

There may be some disappointment for gamers who want to see what’s next for Lost Ark with this update. While Smilegate has confirmed that they will roll out new content this month, the update isn’t ready yet. The team says the most exciting patch, scheduled for May 2022, will arrive in the second half of the month. This has been confirmed to include the Destroyer Advanced Class, Trial Guardian Raids, and Quality of Life tweaks.

However, other changes promised for Lost Ark may not arrive on time, and Vartan’s Legion raid and Deskaluda will be delayed if needed. Because according to data, a large enough portion of Lost Ark’s active players will be at or near the item level required to take part in higher-level end-game content by May. If there are players behind, players can spend Lost Ark Gold to speed up the upgrade.

Unlocking Character Slots with this update will no longer reduce the remaining available purchases of Character Slot Expansion Tickets. Because of this bug, players who previously could not unlock all character slots will now see the correct amount remaining. Not only that but also fixed several broken entries in the emotion list and a bug in the Rapport system.

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