Start YouTube's application.

The next step is to "sign-in" to the device.

Create a brand new account by using your email address username, password, gender postal code, and country.

Enter the activation code from your device into the box on

You must be acquiesce to the conditions and terms of YouTube when you enter an activation code for YouTube. YouTube activate code.

If you accept to the terms, you will see an acceptance screen. You will then be able to begin using YouTube on the device right away.

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YouTube.Com/Activate Smart TVs How to enable

You can connect to your Smart TV to YouTube via the hyperlink to activate.

Start YouTube on the smart television of your choice.

Hit the Gear icon that is on the left.


They will send an 8-digit number to you.

Make sure the screen is open to complete the job.

Visit Smart TV using your smartphone or computer.

Log in using Google Account. Google Account.

Enter an 8-digit number.

If you are able to see the option, select Allow access.

Activate YouTube com on Samsung TV

Log in and setting.

Note down the application's code.

Visit Samsung Smart Television Samsung on your mobile or laptop.

Log into the Google account you have created. Google account.

Log in using the code and go on.

Click Accept.


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You can activate it on Amazon Fire TV or Firestick

Amazon Fire TV allows you to stream Youtube and manage it using Alexa. To begin enjoying this experience it is necessary to first turn on Youtube.

What you need to do:

Utilize Fire TV search to find and download the app , if you don't have it already. Download YouTube's application.

Youtube App Launches Youtube App.

To the left, click Sign in.

The code will appear upon your monitor.

Then, go to the address Firestick, which is shown at the top of the screen.

Log into Google and then use the Google code.

Choose your YouTube account and then confirm.


Make YouTube active on Android TV


On your screen at home, search and open YouTube from your home screen. YouTube app. By using the YouTube app

After opening the app, choose Settings > Add an account.

If asked when you are asked to sign in to your Google account according to the instructions.

Once you've logged in, begin watching your preferred content.


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