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Valid Huawei H12-711_V3.0 Questions

Which of the following hazards may be caused by buffer overflow attacks? (Multiple choice)
A. System shutdown or restart
B. Information theft
C. The program fails to run
D. Obtain system control permissions
Answer: AC

Which of the following characteristics does a DoS include? (Multiple choice)
A. Unauthorized Access
B. Unauthorized Tampering
C. Unauthorized Activation
D. Unauthorized Destruction
Answer: AD

When the configuration of the active and standby FWs is automatically synchronized after the device restarts, which of the following configurations will be synchronized? (Multiple choice)
B. Security Policy
C. NAT Policy
Answer: BC

Which of the following service types can AAA authentication support? (Multiple choice)
A. Ftp
C. Telnet
D. Web
Answer: ABCD

Which of the following descriptions about antivirus software is correct? (Multiple choice)
A. Antivirus software can scan and kill all viruses.
B. Most anti-virus software lags behind computer viruses, so it is necessary to update and upgrade the software version in time and regularly scan.
C. Viruses that can be detected by anti-virus software must also be removed.
D. After the virus is deleted, it is transferred to the quarantine area. The user can retrieve the deleted files from the quarantine area, but the files in the quarantine area cannot be run.
Answer: BD

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