What is JAVA?

Java is a programming language developed by sun microsystems,  or a computing platform that was released in the year 1995. It initially started with the aim of making language processing an easier task which has now evolved to one of the largest shares of the economy. Java is an application on which many services and applications are built; many newer and innovative products, along with the digital services, are also designed on java, considering the future perspectives.

There are several applications ad websites that totally rely on java and cannot function without the installation of java. Java is considered to be one of the most reasonable programming languages as it has never failed to impress the user with the phenomenal features it has.

· Java is considered the top when it comes to performance. After the bytecode is compiled by the java compiler, it is further provided to the JVM before actually getting converted to machine-level code. This does nothing but enhances the overall working of the java code.

· Java is platform-independent, that is that it runs on a principle. Java code is compiled well into the bytecode that gets executed in the virtual machine of java.

· Java entertains multiple threads: that is, java permits the user to freely build interactive and responsive applications along with several concurrent threads of the activity.

· Java is robust as it depends on a simple memory management model, which is boosted by the automatic garbage collection entire. Java also helps the user adopt some programming languages and habits required for reliable application creation.

· Java is extremely secure as it has several security features, all embedded in one. With several features like compile-time, static type, runtime checking etc., the users can be sure of the security as it is extremely difficult to interrupt java with the involvement of these features.

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