Recently, Lost Ark has a new event designed to give some progress. Quick quest events have now changed, adding a limited onetime character change option and changes to engraving selection chests. This will make players willing to buy Lost Ark Gold to take part in the game.

In today’s update, CM Roxx updated the weekly maintenance period this Thursday, the event will be changed to add this new option. This change is because of several players reporting that they started a Quick Quest campaign with one character, only to realize that another character on their roster would benefit from it better. This will speed up the speed at which players complete quests, as well as players earning rewards like Lost Ark Gold.

Amazon is working with Smilegate on this and better communication, but for those who want to change their Express Mission role, a onetime role change option will be added on Thursday. If a player uses the wrong character, they can use this option to make a more informed decision. Players can choose or switch to any level 50 character with an item level below 1,100 to accept challenges and earn rewards.

Engraving selection chests have also changed, so players will want to avoid opening anything you might still have before the update. These will contain all the recipe selection options. However, there are some exceptions. Players won’t be able to swap roles if they’ve already used the event’s Honing benefit on T1 or T2 gear. If the player has only honed T3 gear on the active character, you can switch. Players can also spend Lost Ark Gold to get more weapons and gear that benefit extra-tall characters.

If a player has already claimed partial rewards, they won’t be able to get them on the new character, which avoids double rewarding the same player. All rewards of the event are character bound. If players want to know more about such tips, players can go to IGGM. Plus, they’re giving away 6% of Lost Ark Gold to every player who goes to buy Lost Ark Gold. This is a very rare event that every player should not miss.