For beginners, if they want to perform better in SWTOR 7.0, then they need to have a basic understanding of some characters. Here’s a little about Infiltration Shadow. Infiltration is somewhere in the middle in terms of one of the better specs for single-target persistence and burst, especially on shorter exams.

The biggest advantage of infiltration is its ability to target exchanges without consequences. The only limitation is mobility, but both have fairly short cooldowns that only matter if players have to switch to something outside of melee range, which isn’t always the case.

Unfortunately, Infiltration’s DPS abilities only work on a single target. As far as AoE goes, Infiltration has basically nothing to offer. They can spam Whirling Blow, but that’s a far cry from the capabilities of many DoT specifications. If you want to do AoE, switch to Hatred or leave it to other specs.

Shadows have been slightly nerfed in terms of survivability. They no longer have Force Speed DR, Disjunction for longer Resilience, or Insulation’s tiny boost to armor. That said, almost all the disciplines suffer from some sort of diminished viability, and many of these disciplines are more important than what Shadows lost.

The AoE RDT is a bit of a pain to use because players have to drop Fade, but it’s only a slight DPS loss in long fights, and in shorter fights it may not result in a DPS gain at all. Shadows DPS still excels at handling most spike damage because of Resilience, but mitigating damage over longer periods of time is more difficult, as found in the burn phase, as they lack reliable cooldowns and longer duration. BioWare will probably make balance changes in the first few patches, so players can monitor the latest news. IGGM has been bringing all kinds of game news and guides to players, and they can also buy the cheapest SWTOR Credits there. Try it!