Lost Ark, the most popular MMOARPG game, saw another surge this month. The April update is chunky, introducing a new premium class, Glaivier, and a whole new continent, South Vern. Players can prepare some Lost Ark Gold to take part in the new content.

Glaivier wields a spear and, naturally, a warblade, each weapon granting her a different stance and skill. Glaivier is attractive to players who can get her after the update and spend Lost Ark Gold to get more weapons to enhance her.

Upon reaching item level 1340, players can check out South Vern, the newest area of Lost Ark, which was once a barren land before settlers used the techniques of various races to transform it into an idyllic verdant realm. More endgame transfers will also appear, but not immediately. Chaos Dungeons, Field Boss and Chaos Gate in South Vern will be part of future updates. Players need to prepare more Lost Ark Gold to enhance the character’s ability to better complete the endgame content.

Meanwhile, the Feiton Powerpass works just like the Vern Powerpass before it, letting players level up alt after completing the Feiton storyline, raising their new character to that point in the game, as well as a set of level 960 gear. Two progression events are living now and will run until June 30th.

Complicating things a bit, however, is the Super Premium Ark Pass, which contains items from the Noble Banquet skin collection and wallpaper, as well as the legendary Rapport chest. For 3000 Royal Crystals, the Ultra Premium Pass is twice the price of the Regular Premium Pass. It’s also short, with only 30 levels, all of which can be completed in less than a month.

The Premium and Ultra Premium Pass will be available in stores on June 18, and players have until July 14 to play through it. Players who want more Lost Ark Gold news can go to IGGM. Players can earn cheap Lost Ark Gold if needed. Lost Ark April Update was a major motivator for players to stay engaged in the game.