The Fever Time event is back at Lost Ark. The popular mini-event that gives players free items is back in a new form, and it looks like it’s going to be a recurring event. It also inspired their desire to buy Lost Ark Gold.

While the last Fever Time event in Lost Ark was initially considered trivial by players, it ended up being a favorite. The frenzy period brought so many potions and resources to players that it ended up saving millions of dollars in Lost Ark Gold in total.

Noticing players love it, the developers are bringing back Fever Time. But this time, they brought different rewards to players. The developers are also testing the fever time event as a potential “economic injector” event. Like last time, the Fever Time event is simple, where players can earn free items. To get the above items, they just need to log into the game during the active time frame.

This event rarely offers highly exclusive or rare items, only useful consumables or materials. So if players need rare items, they can spend Lost Ark Gold to get them. Last month, the event focused on potions. And this one focuses on more utility items that can help players in raids.

Despite the many recent updates, including new classes, aimed at improving the quality of raids and PvE, the PvP season is still in full swing. Players can buy Lost Ark Gold at IGGM and get started. The game service provider will give away 6% free Lost Ark Gold, and if players want to know more news about the game, they can also go to know.


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