Players have been waiting for Lost Ark’s latest roadmap, as it’s a pivotal point in the game’s western version. Smilegate admitted they made a mistake in the pacing of their content release and said Argos released too early and didn’t have enough resources to receive honing material. Players can only spend Lost Ark Gold to get what they want.

The first theme is a new class, Glavier. The release of Glavier surprised many players. However, this surprise is very welcome, as Glavier is one of the most popular KR version classes and is very popular in Western versions. This will also cost players more Lost Ark Gold to build it.

Next up is South Vern, a whole new continent with even more storylines. This means more honing materials and combat experience. While the continent is associated with the release of additional raids and content, players find it odd that higher-level Chaos dungeons won’t be released with it.

Judgment Guardian raids will be part of the weekly rotation. This is another enormous piece of content that, besides other rewards such as card packs, will facilitate players’ honing material gains. Finally there is Valtan, the first Legion Commander Raid. Like Deskaluda, it’s the start of endgame content that players can regularly enter each week. Players can prepare some Lost Ark Gold as needed to take part.

The raids themselves are very interesting, with multiple stages, just like Argos, and arena-specific mechanics. Players, if players need more Lost Ark Gold, they can go to IGGM. This is a seller that will provide the latest gaming news.