Our interest in entertainment varies. Sometimes we wish to see videos, sometimes only the audio. What will you do if those videos are not available in audio format in that instant? You need these video conversions for MP3 storage. There are lots of online websites available for video (MP4) to audio (MP3) conversion. We will show how easily you can convert an MP4 file to an Mp3 converter file.

You can use these free file converters either on your desktop or Android mobile. The simple instructions for conversion are as follows.

Step 1: Visit the Audio Converter website

Audio Converter homepage has the pop-up box for this instant conversion. Bookmark the site for frequent usage. Audio Converter is a better option available for conversion if you have a stable internet connection and required files. The website is completely free; you don’t require any extra software to run the audio file. It supports more than 100 formats and you can view the file directly from the website. The audio quality is also great. You can handle up to 1 GB size.

Step 2: Choose the file to convert

Select the frag and drop the file or browse the option in the middle of the home page. Select the video file from your device which you need to be converted to MP3. A pop-up menu will navigate you to the location to search for the file from the device. You can also use Dropbox. Note that you are not required to sign up for the free use of Audio Converter. After selecting the files, press the open button and then the file is added to the file conversion section.

Step 3: Select your output format

As already mentioned Audio

 Converter offers you lots of formats and in our case our desired format is MP3. Choose the MP3 format from the drop-down format options available. It seems to be an easy handle tool since all things are cut and rightly available. When finished, click the green convert button.

Step 4: Select your download location

You can save directly to your default download location or other location or Dropbox you wish. By doing this the file will be stored after the complete conversion process is over.

Step 5: Complete the conversion and start other conversions

Once the conversion starts, it takes time depending on the size of the file. After conversion, the file is stored in the chosen location. After completion, you can immediately start the next conversion. Also, you can add the next conversion in the queue where one file is converted after the other.

I hope you understand the simple procedure to convert your Mp4 Converter file to MP3. Audio Converter offers you a simple but effective way of audio conversion.