It is a fact that around 50% of women in their pregnancy mainly encounter and intake prescribed and non-prescribed drugs which also consists of the intake of social drugs including alcohol and tobacco, whereas illicit drugs at times, where the intake of drugs merely increases to seek for comfort and relaxation. However, the Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai and the Drug Rehabilitation Centre in India states that the intake of any kind of drug unneccesarily can thus cause harm to the fetus, which also go ahead and lead towards a miscarriage situation which is extremely painful.

The Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai thus states that consumption of prescribed drugs are at times essential for a pregnant woman, however in such cases it should be double-checked by the practitioner and by the doctor as the consumption and the number of intake should not come with a risks and the drug should have the course of benefits attached to it. Any medicinal herb also can cause or lead towards a risk towards the development of the baby, thus under recommendation only any kind of drug or herbal care should be taken care of.

It is thus stated that drugs which are consumed by a pregnant individual have the tendency to cross the placenta and can also reach the foetus eventually which is also known to be shared by the baby for nutrient and oxygen supply for the development and growth of the baby. Thus, the intake of drugs has the tendency to affect the baby reaching the foetus by crossing the placenta. Following are the sincere effects of drug consumption which can cause problems to the development of the baby. They are as follows:

  • Drugs have the audacity and power to directly effect on the foetus where sincere damage can be caused to the growth of the baby which can lead to abnormal development of the baby which can lead to early birth or the risk of dying.
  • Drugs can also alter the basic functions of the placenta, as the blood vessels of the placenta are very narrow in nature acting as the supplier of the nutrients and oxygen for the baby. Thus, the drug intake can directly affect the way and can cause problems during birth or during the pregnancy period, such as shortage of air supply etc.
  • Drugs can lead to the contraction of muscles in a forceful manner, where the risk of injury to the baby and to the mother can be triggered during pregnancy or during the labour hours.

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