Are you planning to travel to Costa Rica this summer and want some adventurous things to do there? You don’t have to look any further but budget is a problem for flight booking - contact Spirit airlines customer services number to grab special airfare deals to book flights to Costa Rica at lowest prices. Costa Rica has so much natural beauty, an abundance of wildlife, stunning beaches, and friendly people that it’s easy to see why it’s considered one of the best places in the world to visit. There are lots of things to do in Costa Rica that will allow you to take full advantage of everything the country has to offer, including these 10 adventurous things!

1) Scuba Diving
For many, scuba diving is a life-changing experience that brings you into contact with some of nature’s most stunning creatures. Underwater adventures offer a glimpse into another world and can be enjoyed by everyone. If you’re in Costa Rica, take advantage of its position as one of Central America’s premier diving destinations. You can choose from hundreds of dive sites, including walls or reefs that are teeming with marine life and pristine caves that have preserved hidden treasures for thousands of years. As one of Earth’s best spots for diving, there are plenty of things to see below sea level—so get your gear and take it all in!

2) Snorkeling
The many small islands off the coast of Costa Rica offer some amazing snorkeling opportunities. From shallow reefs filled with colorful fish to underwater shipwrecks, there are lots of options for seeing a side of nature you’ve never seen before. One tip? If you’re new to snorkeling, try visiting a snorkel resort where they have equipment available and an area roped off for inexperienced swimmers.

3) Rainforest Hikes
If you're into nature, then a trip to Costa Rica is definitely for you. One of its best features is no doubt its lush, green forests. The country has more than five percent of all tropical rainforest in Central America, so it’s safe to say there’s plenty of nature for exploration. The best thing about exploring these rainforests is that you’ll never know what adventure lies ahead - whether it's spotting exotic wildlife or getting a chance to see some beautiful waterfalls, each one will always leave you with a smile on your face and lots of happy memories! So take off your hiking boots and head out on an exciting trek through these rainforests – believe us when we say they're worth it!

4) White Water Rafting
White Water Rafting is a great adventure sport that thrills while soothing. The rafting company should be experienced and licensed, especially when you are rafter down rapids like Pacuare and Reventazón. Another river option is Rio Savegre which has a steady but mellow flow. Whether or not you ride rapids, there is almost no way to come out of a ride empty handed as at every turn there’s something beautiful to look at. On a good day nature’s finest creations can be viewed such as monkeys swinging from tree to tree or an eagle soaring high above.

5) Surfing Lessons
Why it’s great for couples. You can take surfing lessons together and spend time with each other while also trying something new. There are many opportunities available that can help beginners learn how to surf, so you don’t have to worry about being skilled at swimming or being physically fit, which makes it a good option for beginners. In addition, most people find surfing an enjoyable experience, meaning you’ll be spending time together without one of you being miserable.

6) City Tour
One of Costa Rica’s leading tour operators, Turismo Diversiones, offers an excellent four-hour city tour that takes in San Jose’s most important historical sites as well as some of its lesser-known places. The half-day City Tour by Car starts from around $30 per person and includes three main stops. You’ll visit San Jose City Hall for a panoramic view over San Jose before heading downtown on foot where you can see museums, churches and buildings of great historical interest, including La Merced Church and Catedral Metropolitana. At Vista Hermosa Park you will be able to catch stunning views over Central Valley and Santa Ana Volcano.

7) Zip Lining
Zip lining is a really fun activity for anyone that enjoys heights. Zip lining courses are common and many of them are very safe. You’ll go zipping from platform to platform, usually high up into trees or across gorges and over waterfalls, while being secured to a sturdy wire with a harness. On some lines you’ll be able to control your speed by applying pressure on your brakes; others will slow you down automatically when you reach an endpoint. Zip lining can be expensive, but it’s also a lot of fun. There’s no time like today to book one of these tours in Costa Rica!

8) Horseback Riding
With some of Latin America’s most beautiful beaches, you’ll find plenty of horseback riding opportunities. Along with a guide, take a leisurely ride along one of Jaco’s stunning beaches or try some horse trekking through Chirripó National Park. Depending on your level, your guide can customize a trip that suits you. You can even bring along friends and family who are up for it (if they don’t mind having their picture taken with an alligator). The views are beautiful and you can have fun trying something new! If riding isn't your thing, go fishing instead!

9) Biking the Beach Road (Road Cycling)
Follow Highway 1 from Liberia down to Playas del Coco and ride along some of Costa Rica’s most beautiful beaches. The highway is busy with cars and trucks, but there are dedicated bike lanes, so it’s a safe route for cyclists. The views are spectacular and you’ll get a bit of exercise, too! You can rent bikes on-site or bring your own—there are several shops selling new and used bikes in town.

10) Visit a Coffee Plantation
Coffee plantations are incredible! On our tour of a coffee plantation, we learned all about how coffee is harvested, prepared and shipped around the world. They’re gorgeous landscapes that add a natural touch to any trip through Costa Rica, and they provide valuable insight into an iconic part of both its history and its identity. So if you’re looking for something adventurous while visiting Costa Rica but don’t want to get your hands dirty, then visiting a coffee plantation may be right up your alley. Just make sure you plan ahead because there are plenty of them (like Finca Rosa Blanca) that offer tours through their beautiful grounds.

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