Fresh air machine (system) as a beneficial to human health equipment, in most countries in Europe and the United States has been mandatory government installation, but the current penetration rate in China is still insufficient, many users are also confused as to why the installation of fresh air, today for everyone's common questions one by one answer it.

What is the new wind?

Have you ever noticed a lot of shopping malls, stations, hospitals and other large public spaces and no windows, there are a lot of people inside but also do not feel the air is stuffy breathable situation, because there are new air system. The main function of the new air system is to send in the fresh air from the outside and exhaust the dirty air with high carbon dioxide content indoors. Without opening the windows, fresh air is introduced, and in the process of sending in air, pollution and bacteria in the air are purified and filtered. To prevent dust and haze from the outdoors from invading the room. Fresh air is roughly divided into two types, wall-mounted and ducted. Ducted type is a larger project, if not rough renovation is not recommended to install. Then the wall-mounted installation is relatively easy. Just need to make a hole in the wall or glass on it.

The function of the new air conditioner?

1. Before the air enters the room, filter out the dust particles inside.

2. suck in the normal oxygen content of the air, the discharge of the oxygen content is not enough, high carbon dioxide air.

3. more powerful new air conditioner, can adjust the temperature of the inhaled air. Not to blow cold air in winter, hot air in summer. As for "a week or even a month without dust" this additional benefit, it is not difficult to understand, because the dust can not come in!

The benefits of the new air conditioner?

1. Provide fresh air. 365 days a year, 24 hours a day to provide a constant source of fresh air for the room, without opening the window can also enjoy the fresh air of nature, to meet the health needs of the human body.

2. Repel harmful gases. Effectively repel grease odor, CO2, cigarette smell, bacteria, viruses and other unhealthy or harmful gases, can avoid the family children, loved ones and the elderly are deeply endangered by second-hand smoke.

3. Anti-mold and odor. The indoor humid and dirty air will be discharged, eradicate the odor, prevent mold and breeding bacteria, and help extend the service life of buildings and furniture.

4. Reduce noise pollution. No need to endure the disturbance brought by opening windows, making the room quieter and more comfortable.

5. Dustproof. Avoid opening windows to bring a lot of dust, effectively filter the outdoor air, to ensure that the air entering the room is clean.

6. Reduce energy consumption. Continuous operation throughout the year, electricity consumption may not be as much as one of your refrigerators, and can recover the energy discharged from the outdoor air, minimizing the loss of indoor cooling and heat sources in summer or winter, reducing the energy consumption of air conditioning.

7. Safety and convenience. Avoid property and personal safety hazards caused by opening windows. Even if no one is at home, it can automatically fresh air for ventilation.