With the development of the equipment manufacturing industry, mechanical processing lathes are among the largest and most widely used mechanical processing equipment. The machine tool abrasion protection tape is a high-end guide rail soft belt product for all kinds of precision machine tools, numerical control equipment and machining centers with high precision requirements.The machine tool rail abrasion protection tape can generally be pasted on the short rail of the sliding rail pair to make it slide in cooperation with the long rail. Let's take a look at the construction steps of the abrasion protection tape!

1. When cutting and rubbing the protective tape, in order to prevent its deformation, it is advisable to cut it on a flat plate with a cutter.

2. The surface of the metal and soft tape to be attached needs to be cleaned with acetone before attaching the abrasion protection tape.

3. When using an adhesive, the thickness of the adhesive layer should generally be 0.08~0.13mm, the use temperature range is 5℃~120℃, and the storage period should be within one year (5~15℃ can be stored for 2 years).

4. The surface roughness of the metal matched with the abrasion protection tape of the machine tool rail cannot be lower than Ra=0.35µm, nor higher than Ra=0.5µm. The metal surface can be ground or sanded.

5. After bonding, a certain contact pressure needs to be evenly applied to make the abrasion protection tape adhere more firmly on the surface of the guide rail. The suitable contact pressure range is 75kPa, which can be directly pressed on the guide rail, and the pressure is not enough to increase the weight. During the bonding and curing process, the contact pressure must be constant and stored on the foundation far away from the vibration source for more than 24 hours.

Machine tool abrasion protection tape

6. The function of the abrasion protection tape is mainly to support and guide the moving parts, that is, to support the moving parts (such as knife holder, workbench, etc.), and to ensure that the moving parts can accurately move in the specified direction under the action of external force. If the surface geometric accuracy of the abrasion protection tape soft belt cannot meet the requirements of use, the machine tool abrasion protection tape can be finished in any way.

7. An oil groove can be opened on the surface of the abrasion protection tape of the machine tool, and the processing method is similar to that of processing cast iron. The shape and depth of the oil groove must be reasonable: the oil groove must not penetrate the soft belt of the guide rail, and the distance between the oil groove and the edge of the soft belt shall not be less than 3mm.

8. After the glue is adjusted, it can be brushed with a brush or scraped with a plastic plate. In order to obtain a better bonding effect, it can be applied horizontally on the activated machine tool abrasion protection tape (black-brown surface) Brush once, and paint on the carriage guide surface (twice longitudinally. The total thickness is controlled at 0.08~0.13mm, so that the glue pattern will become a net when closed, and the glue will spread across the abrasion protection tape of the machine tool after compaction.

The above is about the construction steps of the abrasion protection tape. The machine tool abrasion protection tape has good self-lubricating performance. Even if the lubrication system fails, it can avoid the guide rail abrasion. At the same time, the machine tool rail abrasion protection tape can reduce noise and vibration and improve processing accuracy. The abrasion protection tape is used frequently, and the wear is particularly serious. Therefore, in order to ensure the processing quality and processing accuracy, it must be repaired or replaced.