Many people who like travelling are plagued by the worry of having their trip cancelled. Imagine yourself on a beach with lovely waves and delicious seafood, but imagine how bad you'll feel if things go wrong and we're left with just one option: a flight cancellation. However, United's cancellation policy makes cancelling a flight simple.

* On the United Airlines flight search box, select "My Trips."
* Along with your last name, enter your 6-digit booking number.
* Select the trip that you want to cancel.
* On the following screen, you'll see the entire amount you'll be getting back as a refund.
* Select "Cancel Trip" and make a note of the total return.
* Don't forget to check your registered email address for a United Airlines cancellation confirmation.

Now it depends on the sort of ticket you bought. United will either grant you a future credit or transfer you the full money to your bank account. This might take anywhere from 3 to 7 business days.

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