CenturyLink offers various services, Centurylink webmail is one of the services offered by It. Apart from emails, it is known to provide numerous products and services like cloud services, communication services, voice services, and much more.

Every service encounters problems and the same goes with the CenturyLink email. If you are facing Centurylink.net login problems, you are not alone, there are many others going through the same problem. 

To resolve this, a number of solutions are written below, go through them and get the issue resolved. 

Solutions To Resolve CenturyLink Email Login Problem

There are some sure shot solutions described below, undergo them to sort out the CenturyLink webmail  login issue.

Solution 1: Rectify Configuration Settings

Incorrect configuration settings may lead to the inappropriate behavior of the email client while sending and receiving the emails. In order to overcome it, you should enter the correct configuration values. These are below.

For Incoming Emails
Username - Enter Username of CenturyLink webmail 

Password - Enter Password of CenturyLink webmail 

Server - pop.centurylink.net

Port - 993

Security - SSL/TLS

For Outgoing Email

Username - Enter Username of CenturyLink webmail 

Password - Enter Password of CenturyLink webmail 

Server - smtp.centurylink.net

Port - 587/465

Security - SSL/TLS

Solution 2: Remove Unnecessary Files

CenturyLink Email account comes up with a certain limit i.e. 15GB per user and per account. If you surpass this limit, you will not be able to send the email. In order to resolve this issue, try to delete emails residing in the Junk and spam folder as they all are not that much important. Hope after deleting the emails you will free up some space and eventually, you will be able to send the emails.

Solution 3: Update The Password

An individual should update the password periodically. Doing this will immune the webmail of CenturyLink net and in the future, the possibility of hacking an account will get reduced. Also, the updation of the password will get you logged in to the email account if the problem was due to the wrong password.

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