ZH automation is the most truly effective retail outlet for Security Alarm Systems in Lahore Pakistan since 2015. Our selection of Security Alarm Systems are from NICE is the leading supplier of residential and commercial Security Alarm Systems in Pakistan & across the world.

ZH Automations has many happy customers because of its security alaram systems for homes and offices in Lahore, Islamabad, Faislabad, Sialkot, Azad Kashmir and Gujranwala

With our alarm systems, your home becomes practical, comfortable and secure: enjoy your living spaces with complete satisfaction, keeping everything in check, even when you're away.

You can protect up to six different zones, making the device ideal for any need, your habits and your lifestyle. Security alarm systems are accessibe when you are away through internet.

Home security alarm system

Your house is where your heart is, and it is also your safe place. So, as it pertains to making your home completely secure and protecting priceless possessions, never accept less. That said, there are always a few issues that a simple security system package just doesn't cover, falling short of the complete sense of satisfaction you seek. To lessen the legwork for you, we've compiled a set of companies that provide home security services in Pakistan that are commendable enough for you yourself to sleep peacefully knowing that the prized valuables are safe and protected.

Let's get protecting! 


Here's a set of home security services in Pakistan!

When we discuss effective home security systems, installing smart gadgets is the first thing that comes to the majority of minds. But, how will you draw a line and define what is appropriate for your individual needs? Well, that is where you will need a professional to shoulder your worries and give expert advice when required. 

Being Pakistan's most trusted name for everything property, we understand your requirements even before you acknowledge them. So, as per your requirements, here's our listing of top companies that provide trustable home security services in Pakistan:

  • Zims Security Private Limited 
  • Haris Enterprises Security 
  • Phoenix Armour 
  • Reichert Security 
  • Shehzada Security Services 

Security alarm system for home

Zims Security was incorporated in Islamabad in 1992 as a private limited company. The business has been operating in the united kingdom for pretty much three decades, with the core objective of providing security services to both residential and commercial projects. Obviously, Zims includes a stellar reputation for foolproof and top-class home security solutions and systems.

Taking under consideration its customer portfolio that mainly includes top brands of Pakistan, it's justified to state that the company is one of Pakistan's most trustworthy names in providing home security services.

Home Security Services Supplied by Zims Security Private Limited 

Zims Security Private Limited deals in these home security services: 

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- smart alarm system