At the beginning, the application range of rotary swivel joints was relatively small, and with the passage of time, it has been expanded to more than 30 major industries in use. In general, no matter how many industries use it, the nature of the rotary swivel joint has not changed. As long as we master the parameters of the rotary swivel joint, it is basically no problem, whether it is when buying a rotary swivel joint or as a salesperson. ,As long as you understand the use parameters of the rotary swivel joint and the requirements for the medium, you can choose the right type of rotary swivel joint suitable for your application or recommend the customer to use the correct rotary swivel joint model.

1.The operating temperature of the adapter

When we promote rotary swivel joints, we are usually the first to ask what the operating temperature of the rotary swivel joint is. At present, the heat-conducting oil rotary swivel joints that are suitable for the market are generally used in mixed oil equipment, and the high temperature can even be resistant to high temperature operation of about 400 ℃. 

Therefore, when we select the rotary swivel joint, we must figure out what our actual operating temperature is, and then find a product model that can reach or exceed the operating temperature, so that we don’t have to worry about the leakage of the rotary swivel joint due to temperature problems. The temperature and the seals used are different. The high-temperature rotary swivel joint can pass low temperature without any problem, while the low-temperature joint is used for high temperature, it is easy to damage the seal.

rotary swivel joint

2. Pressure of the rotary swivel joint

Another parameter is the pressure of the rotary swivel joint. Nowadays, the pressure in the market is higher for the plate cutting machine used by the steel mill and the hydraulic press used by the ship. The pressure is as high as 60-100MPA. The ordinary type rotary swivel joint cannot withstand this pressure. If ordinary rotary swivel joints are used for high pressure, then high pressure will definitely cause seal rupture and air leakage, so we must know what the startup pressure of our equipment is, and what is the normal pressure, so that we can recommend or choose the correct product.

3.Rotating speed of rotary swivel joint

The last point is the rotational speed of the rotary swivel joint. In fact, most of the rotary swivel joints are rotated by bearings, so 100-200 revolutions per minute can basically be achieved. We generally need to pay attention to the requirements of temperature and pressure. Next, let's consider the high-speed situation. At present, we control high speed with better bearings to meet the speed. Most of the seals and high temperature accessories are universal, but the bearings have some special features. Generally, high speed rotary swivel joints are mostly used to pass water and some gas. , And water has the effect of cooling, so we generally choose imported bearings or domestic high-quality bearings, which can meet the requirements of rotating joints at high speeds and prevent bearing steel from rusting due to water erosion.

When purchasing a rotary swivel joint, you should explain the industry and the medium of the product you want to use as a technician. Basically, the technician can tell you which type of joint you need, and understand the use parameters of the rotary swivel joint to choose the correct rotary swivel joint model.