There is a serious reason for calling ‘Alcohol causes slow death’, as while at parties or cheering for our favorite sports team; humans have a tendency to consume alcohol. However, the most common way to hangout and relax with your friends is while you are consuming alcohol. But, at times these moments we cherish turns into a binge drinking activity until you become a serious addict, which can even cost you your life. Therefore, the Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai states that binge drinking in a repetitive time span can lead to serious health impairments which can cause problems in one’s motor coordination, impulse control and also an individual can lose their decision making functions, which makes them very vulnerable and a risk to the society. Thus, continuous drinking despite clear signs of major impairments in the body can become a result of alcohol overdose in one’s body.


The Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in India therefore comments that an alcohol overdose usually occurs when there is a ton of alcohol present in the bloodstream in your body which thus starts to control the brain affecting your basic-life support function such as affecting your heart rate, breathing problems and also affecting the temperature control rate, which starts deteriorating. The symptoms of an alcohol overdose also includes when you start having mental confusion between your statements, decisions or words, a sense of difficulty to remain conscious, having often vomiting and seizures, serious trouble in breathing, a slow heart rate, saggy and clammy skin all the time, usually giving dull responses such as not preventing the activity of choking, having extremely low body temperature at all times. All these reflexes can lead towards the cause of having a serious stroke which can also take your life.


Therefore, the Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai, gives some general tips to maintain a perfect balance while drinking which can also put your life and somebody else’s life too in a sincere situation of jeopardy. The factors of age, tolerance level of an individual, gender, the speed of drinking, taking medications if one is, and the amount of food one is consuming stands to be some of the major factors on which your overdose situation can affect. However, every body type is different therefore the seen symptoms will definitely vary from individual to individual.


Also the intake of alcohol and opioids with it or any other sedative such as anti-anxiety pills or sleeping pills increase the risk of overdose which is one of the most common reasons for death in India. As many people do consume medications which are sleep aids such as eszopiclone and zolpidem. Even while drinking alcohol, many individuals take the over-the-counter medications which are extremely dangerous in options. Thus, ingesting alcohol with the other drugs intensifies one’s effects and can therefore cause a situation of overdose with also having an even or moderate amount of alcohol in the body.


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