Valorant characters: abilities, skills, ultimates and history - an overview of all Valorant heroes
Valorant puts less emphasis on character abilities than Overwatch, but choosing an agent is still important.

Sentinels are defense experts with abilities that can protect allies and support them in firefights. There are two such agents: Cypher and Sage.

Initiators - force the opponents to regroup, which is useful when assaulting positions. Initiators include: Breach, Sova.

Operators (Controller) - able to narrow the visible zone of enemies or zone them. This type includes: Brimstone, Omen, Viper.

Duelists (Duelists) - specialize in the rapid extermination of the enemy team. These include: Phoenix, Jett, Raze.

Practice before matches
Do not rush to start searching for a game - during the battles you will have almost no time to study the geometry of the environment, it will take too many deaths and defeats. Instead, create a custom game and play the match alone to quietly explore each map and prepare for real battles. It is better to play on advanced accounts and cool characters. You can use boosting for this and not waste your time.

Although the rounds in Valorant are limited to a few minutes, you should not run anywhere. Your negligence in most cases will end in death, since the TTK in the game is small, and it will not work to revive before the next round. In addition, the running of the characters is clearly audible to the enemies, and it’s definitely not worth giving out your position.

Try to plan attacks together with the team and not run into a bullet, but on the contrary, play from the mistakes of opponents. Think about positioning and imagine what is happening as a game of chess.

Stillness is especially important when shooting: even if yours is walking slowly, its accuracy is significantly reduced. Therefore, when firing, it is worth completely stopping or even crouching - then you will definitely get where the sight is pointing.