As the number of different types of ceramic tiles grows, more and more consumers are pursuing the different styles of ceramic tiles. So, what kinds of fashion styles will be popular among the younger generation of consumers? Decorative ceramic tiles in the geometric element style have recently re-emerged in the public's consciousness and have emerged as a new favorite in the ceramic tile industry. What new playing techniques will be introduced as a result of the return? Let's take a look at it!

When wholesale floor tiles comes to ceramic tiles, we all know that they are one of the most commonly used building materials for home decoration. Ceramic tile patterns can be found in a variety of forms, including polished tiles, glazed tiles, wood grain tiles, mosaic tiles, full body tiles, antique tiles, marble tile patterns, and microcrystalline stone tile patterns, among others. Zhongtao Jun will not go through a list of examples one by one. Make no claims that things are so simple now. When it comes to choosing tiles for your own decorated home, you should avoid selecting that particular one. That you are unable to choose because there are too many different types of ceramic tiles is not an acceptable excuse!


Check out these types of tiles and see if you like them or not now! If this is the case, you can use this style to guide your purchase of ceramic tiles to decorate your home!

Square and strip shaped ceramic tiles have a strong sense of geometric modeling, which is evident in their design.

Ceramic tiles that are square or strip-shaped have a regular sense of geometric modeling to them. They can make their line texture trend even more prominent by using color joint filler or color stone joint filler, which will allow the graphic picture to stand out even more clearly on the ground. This low-key but meticulous geometric interpretation is appropriate for the Nordic style, which is characterized by a limited use of color in the home decoration.

2. The combination of orderly and disordered tiles brings the entire space together in one cohesive design.

Additionally, if you want to activate the atmosphere, you can choose to add a number of tiles of varying colors. The juxtaposition of order and disorder, while appearing careless, can produce a visual effect that is rich in artistic modeling. In addition, you can use ceramic tiles that are the same color as the tile seams or wall tiles to make the entire space look more cohesive and cohesive.

3. The use of round element tiles creates a soft and light environment.


In response to the growing popularity of geometric patterns in the ceramic tile industry, designers have begun to make efforts to create more interesting and wonderful patterns in order to win the favor of geometric home decoration enthusiasts. It is not difficult to discover that circular elements account for a significant proportion of all of them floor tiles china in some way. A sector with a round arc or an irregular circle can be used to soften the edges and corners of ceramic tiles with soft lines, resulting in an impression of a soft and lightweight space.

4. Geometric tiles with irregular shapes create a sense of difference.

It is possible to use other irregular geometric tiles to create a clever sense of distinction. Its geometric pattern modeling design, combined with some circular or square soft home decoration design, results in a more lively and energetic overall space that expresses a strong sense of space fashion.

The inspiration for space comes from the collision of different geometric tiles when we say that most inspiration comes from the exchange and collision of different geometric tiles. Many designers are bold and innovative, incorporating different geometric elements into ceramic tile design and matching the soft home decoration of geometric shapes, whether regular or irregular, in the proper way.