If players have been following Amazon Game Studios’ release of the once highly expected MMORPG New World, they’ll know that their launch didn’t go as smoothly as they had hoped. Because in the beginning many players bought New World Gold to take part in the game, now this situation is slowly decreasing. Players who left the game in early December have not returned based on the 6 months since launch, resulting in an over 90% drop in daily active players since the game launched in September 2021.

Amazon has maintained New World despite its flaws. In fact, with every MMORPG game release, it is not uncommon for active players to drop dramatically. And New World relies heavily on PvP combat as part of its endgame. There are many players who spend New World Coins to get better weapons and equipment in order to better complete the mission of the endgame. In the nearly 6 months after launch, a higher percentage of the player base is expected to earn PvP-based achievements.

Amazon Game Studios wants to develop a long-term strategy to make its various game modes more interesting. This also stimulates players’ desire to buy New World Coins to a certain extent. Over the past few months, New World has encountered gold duplication issues, exploits, and disabling of character creation, etc., but Amazon has insisted that all issues will be fixed and new content is in development.

Initial impressions aside, New World still wins back the hundreds of thousands of players who have moved on by delivering new content to reinvigorate and stabilize the game. Players who are still playing New World can consider IGGM when they need to buy New World Coins. They can provide players with the cheapest price and the best service.