Fortnite Battle Royale is a PvP experience dominated by the game's distinct building systems. It is possible to advance far in a match simply by shooting at opponents. However, if you want to consistently win Victory Royales in Fortnite, you'll need to learn how to build. Fortunately, our Best Battle Royale Building Tips will assist you in doing so.

Don't Forget to Construct

One of the most common problems that new players face is forgetfulness. No other shooter has the same building mechanics as Fortnite. As a result, it's understandable that players coming from other games – battle royale or otherwise – would forget that they can construct structures. Keep this in mind when attempting to reach high places or fighting fires.

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Make Mistakes

Don't be afraid to put a wall in the "wrong" location. To be honest, it doesn't make sense at first. The most important thing is to get used to building in Fortnite. Continuous construction is required. To get used to it, build walls and ramps all over the place. You'll quickly learn proper placement.

Change Your Controls

After you've gotten the hang of building structures in Fortnite, take a look at your controls. Chances are, you can influence them in a positive way. Toggle the build mode on a console, for example, press O/B/A on an Xbox/Sony/Switch controller. The issue is that your camera is typically controlled by the Right Thumbstick. It can be difficult to move your thumb quickly from the stick to toggle build mode and back again to begin placing structures.

Change your controller settings to swap your Crouch/Slide button (clicking the right stick) with your Toggle Build button (O/B/A). Other settings should be tweaked as well. The more you play, the more you'll learn about what's and isn't worth tinkering with. The same is true when playing on a PC.

Build to Defend

Are you getting shot at? Begin with a quick wall, then add a ramp to allow yourself to peek over and fight back. Once on the ramp, make sure to build walls around yourself to protect yourself from other players.

Consider constructing two sets of ramps to prevent the enemy from predicting your location right away. Having two sets of ramps also allows you to hop over to another ramp if one is shot down.

Change Your Structures

Newer players frequently overlook the significance of editing structures. Mastering the various types of editing will save you a ton of time while also providing you with an extra element to combat. When you enter edit mode, your wall or ramp is divided into several tiles. By combining different tiles, you can create new formations such as doors or ramps that will allow you to escape quickly.

Weaker but Faster

The three material types differ in ways other than health. Wooden structures have a maximum health of 200, while brick structures have a maximum health of 300. Metal outperforms them all, with a maximum health of 400.

Wood is probably the best material to use during combat. Wood is the fastest to build, which means it has more base health than the other two materials when it is first placed down.

Save your bricks and metal for when you have the time to build your fort.

Visit IGN's Battle Royale Basics and Features guide to learn more about the game's fundamentals (including structure construction).

Clearly visible in Edit Mode

Peeking out of your fort is necessary, but it isn't as necessary as you think. Pull out your edit option and focus on a wall you want to look past. This will allow you to see right through your wall. Because you can edit in a window while looking at your opponent for a surprise snipe, this little trick can catch opponents off guard.

Maximize Your Forts

A basic fort is usually built by erecting four walls around yourself, then erecting a ramp to the second floor and repeating the process. Expanding your fort will allow you to stay more hidden inside.

Place nine roof structures around the opening at the top of your base to protect yourself from incoming snipers and grenades. This also allows for greater mobility during combat situations.

Make an effort to remain unpredictable. Make irregular walls and ramps that are randomly placed to confuse intruders. Keeping your fort disorganized could lead to some tasty traps for your enemies to fall into.

To create a preset structure, edit a structure before placing it. It can be used to build arched walls for a support system or rows of windows for improved vantage points.

Keep in mind that you are safe up to three stories up. Any fall from a higher level will result in injury.

Trick Your Opponents

Use your enemies' confusion to your advantage. Do you see someone constructing? Begin building your ramp on top of theirs, but use the same material as your opponent to mask the noise. They'll believe your construction noises are their materials, giving you the upper hand.

Are you feeling mischievous? Ascend to the top of an enemy fort and close it in by erecting a floor or roof structure. As they try to break free, the confusion that ensues can help you gain an advantage.

Place traps above doors and around corners where players are likely to run. Dropping loot beneath a trap is an excellent way to entice unsuspecting players. Try placing random traps on your walls during intense building fights, as players won't have much time to react during a fight.

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