MetaMask allows its users to connect a hardware wallet with its account. You can also add your Ledger Wallet account with MetaMask using the MetaMask browser extension. In case you have not added MetaMask browser extension yet on your Chrome, Firebox, or Safari browser then you can easily do by visiting the site. Users who are looking for a way that can let them connect the MetaMask Wallet with the Ledger hardware wallet have visited the right page. Today we are going to learn the way to add Ledger Wallet in MetaMask without facing any error or delay. 

While going through this process, make sure to provide the correct password details of your MetaMask wallet to avoid issues. You may also be asked to enter the Ledger Wallet password to connect it with the MetaMask account. Users who have lost the password details can also use the seed phrase details to access the wallet on their Windows/Mac computers. So, with no more delay, let’s start the process to add Ledger to your MetaMask account.

Way to add MetaMask with Ledger Wallet

The simplified steps that are given below will let you connect your MetaMask Wallet to Ledger wallet easily:

  1. Open a browser on your computer.
  2. Head to the webpage.
  3. Get to the ‘Download’ page and find the extension file.
  4. To get the extension file, click the ‘Download’ button.
  5. Wait and let the file be downloaded on your computer.
  6. After getting the file, click the ‘Add to Browser’ option.
  7. Now, open the extension and provide the password.
  8. Then, reach the ‘Unlock’ button and click it.
  9. From the top-right menu, look for the ‘Connect a hardware wallet’ option.
  10. Now, click on it and then choose the ‘Continue’ option to proceed.
  11. When asked, provide the Ledger Wallet login details.
  12. Now, your Ledger Wallet will be connected with the MetaMask Wallet.


In short, connecting a hardware wallet to the MetaMask account is not a big deal. For your convenience, we have concluded the complete process above on this page that will surely help you to connect the MetaMask Wallet with the Ledger Wallet. Make sure to provide the MetaMask and Ledger account password details correctly to avoid any type of issue while carrying out the process.