Although the bonds of friendship are often strong, it's not always easy to keep in touch with old friends. Whether you've grown apart after high school or college, pursued different interests, or had a falling out that caused strain on the relationship, it's normal to long to see a friend you were once close to. When you want to reconnect with an old friend, there are several ways to ensure that your initial contact is a surprise. This free essay will tell you more about them so that you can try doing it yourself. Read on!

Maintain contact through writing cards and letters.
After a long separation, you can choose to make your first contact in writing. Simply write a letter to let them know that you have been thinking about them, and express your interest in seeing them again. They will experience a blast from the past when they see your name in the return address. Alternatively, you could send them a card for a special occasion. When their birthday is coming up, choose a greeting card that captures the tone of your friendship, and slip it in the post in plenty of time for it to reach him on his special day.

Social media are also a good way.
Many people connect with long-lost friends through social networking sites on the Internet. Send them a friend request and chat online. You can catch up withthem by checking their personal page and arranging a meeting in person, which will allow you to renew your friendship. Once you know your friend's screen name, you can always add them to your contact list and send them a message when you see them online. Imagine their surprise when your name appears on their computer screen while paying bills or surfing the net.

You can always try to meet them personally.
If you are a bold individual, you may decide that only personal face-to-face contact can work for your reunion. Find your friend's address and show up on a day when they are likely to be home. Bring some homemade candy or a plate of chocolate cake, and relive the nature of the adventures of your youth over coffee. Alternatively, surprise them by showing up at their workplace when his workday is over, but be careful not to be seen as a stalker. Ask them out for a drink or two, and make plans to get together again without letting too much time pass.

Sending surprise gifts as a way to keep united.
Everyone loves getting a gift from a friend, especially one that comes as a total surprise. When you want to do something really dramatic, send a singing telegram to help you reconnect with your best friend. Choose a special melody, and write your own words to accompany the music. If you prefer to take a more subdued route than a singing telegram, send a huge bouquet of flowers, a bunch of biscuits, or a bunch of colorful balloons with a personalized message written by you.

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