The leakage of rotary union joints is a very headache, especially for those products with extremely high requirements. Such as mobile phone film, medical non-woven fabric, cloth textile and so on. The workshop is required to be dust-free. If the rotary union joint leaks, the contamination of the product can be imagined. However, as an industrial rotary union joint is a dynamic product, the seals inside are also vulnerable parts, and leakage is inevitable. So why does the industrial sealed rotary union joint have leakage problems? How to check once it leaks?

The editor of Dawei Ruisi Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. summarized the following points for everyone:

1. The hollow shaft of the rotary union joint is not sufficiently concentric with the rotating body.

Disposal measures: check the size and accuracy, adjust the fixed connection with the rotating body.

2. The machine has low precision (heavy straightness of the end face, large radial and axial clearance) and large vibration.

Disposal measures: find out the cause, repair and equip equipment.

3. Foreign matter such as slurry and dirt enters the contact surface of the friction pair of the rotary union joint.

Disposal measures: add filters or decontamination devices, and modify the type of rotary union joints.

4. The use pressure, temperature, speed, etc. exceed the range of the optional rotary union joint.

Disposal measures: Research the operating conditions, ask the research unit or manufacturer, and change the type of rotary union joint.

It is best to disassemble the rotary union joint under a long-term shutdown state and add mechanical oil inside to avoid rust. In this way, impurities can be removed at the same time, and the excess water in the roller can be discharged. It is best to check the drainage performance of the matching water pipe, whether it can drain the water in the roller, and keep the inside of the rotary union joint dry when not in use. At the same time, the steam inlet is filtered, otherwise impurities will enter the roller from the source, causing impurities to precipitate in the rotary union joint.

leakage of the rotary union joint

5. The degree of concentricity between the hollow shaft and the rotating body is insufficient.

Disposal measures: check the scale and accuracy of the rotary union joint, and adjust the fixed connection with the rotating body

6. The secondary friction surface of the seal friction of the rotary union joint has been deformed, and the degree of wear of the compensation ring is very large.

Disposal measures: Replace with accessories when there is an abnormality in the rotary union joint.

7. The bellows of the rotary union joint has been damaged.

Solution: Analyze the cause and replace the new elastic element.

The main reasons for the leakage of the rotary union joint are the above points. In short, when we want to install the industrial rotary union joint, one is to see if there is any damage on the exterior, the other is to observe whether there is any abnormality inside the hollow shaft of the industrial sealed rotary union joint, and the third is to rotate. Whether the rotary union joint feels normal or not, the fourth is to avoid leakage of the rotary union joint during the installation process (whether the outer diameter of the inner tube is too large, and whether the inner tube will hit the wall.) The fifth is to check whether the thread is consistent with the thread to be installed.