Amazon Games will launch MMO Lost Ark on PC via Steam on February 11, 2022. People who want to enjoy the game early can buy one of the four Lost Ark Founder’s Packs. Players who have already purchased it will enter Lost Ark on February 8th to start their new MMO journey. Fans on the Korean server have already played Lost Ark, and now players on the Russian and Japanese servers are also exploring in the beta version. The Lost Ark version to be released on Steam will be available in North America, Europe, Latin America and Oceania.

Players need to risk finding the nominal Lost Ark. This journey allowed them to experience an endless world in which there are miracles waiting to be discovered. Players can choose from 15 unique hero occupations with different adaptive skill combinations. There is also the so-called tripod skill system, where players can select and enhance their unique characteristics after their combat skills reach a certain level at

In this vast world, players can do many things, such as PvP duels, epic missions and raids on big and small bosses and so on. In a post, Amazon Games Vice President Christoph Hartmann stated that with the announcement of the release date, they are one step closer to the ultimate experience of Lost Ark by Western players. He added players can create their own experiences in Arkesia. If they have enough Lost Ark Gold, they will have more advantages.

As the main form of currency in this game, Lost Ark Gold is also a must for every player who wants to achieve significant results in the game. Players should choose the way to get Lost Ark Gold according to their needs. If they are looking for speed, it is best to buy Lost Ark Gold directly from IGGM. Looking forward to everyone having fun!