One of the reasons why Amazon Game Studio's New World was hyped before its launch is that it will become a dedicated PvP game with a lot of New World Gold. The game was later redesigned to be more similar to the classic MMO, providing PvE content for single players and players who like to join the crowd. Although PvP is no longer the only focus, it is still a big problem. New World has experienced ups and downs within a few weeks after its launch. The state of the game is still not very good, but the situation is slowly improving.

However, one of the reasons for the failure of New World is that players are beginning to find errors or problems in the way the game is designed. These errors or problems may have a huge impact on the overall experience. One of these is large-scale reports, when players do everything possible to maintain the leading position of PvP games and gain their own territory by letting enemy companies automatically ban the game. This situation becomes obvious in the early days after release. Unfortunately, as the player pointed out, this problem continues to this day.

A Reddit user named Jackdarkshade recently shared a post with a clip indicating that a large-scale report is still being made to make it easier to claim territory. In fact, an anchor talked to other New World players and advised them to report the leader of the enemy company or player group on a large scale, whether this would result in a temporary or permanent ban, so that their faction can more easily conquer the desired area . Owning a settlement in New World is a big deal, because the responsible company is free to set taxes for all players in the town and receive New World Gold from it.

For now, New World's automated system only requires 10 to 15 reports to ban a player, which means that it is very easy to report anyone on a large scale for any reason. Considering that there are no personal grievances between the parties, it may be worse to do this for PvP purposes, and it all boils down to the fact that players can quickly Buy New World Coins