Although swords, hammers and scepters can all be used as the basic weapons of the Lawbringer runeword, players always prefer swords. So you should first find a 3-socket sword, and then insert an Amn rune, a Lem rune, and a Ko rune into the slots in a fixed order, and then you can successfully create your Lawbringer runeword. It is worth noting that the Diablo 2 Resurrected Items for Sale insertion order is fixed, if you change their order you will get a failed product. And you cannot use swords with more than 3 slots to make Lawbringer runeword.

Weapons with slots are more difficult to obtain in the game, you need to increase your level and damage and challenge higher difficulty to find them. It is better if you have a way to enter Secret Cow Level, you can find almost all items in it. Before you prepare for this work, please make sure that your MF value reaches the lowest level, because only ordinary quality items will have slots. Almost any type of sword can have three sockets – only the Short Sword, Scimitar, Sabre, and Falchion can't – and a Crystal Sword is the most popular base for most sword runewords, mainly because of its low strength requirement.

Regarding the acquisition of runes, you can search for them in order from lowest to highest. The Amn rune has the lowest number, so the first rune you can get is it. Its main production location is in Hellforge, you can kill the monster in Act IV under Normal difficulty and find it from the loot. In addition, you can also get this rune by killing The Countess on Nightmare or Hell. But because The Countess is a boss, it takes a long time for her to resurrect after she dies. I don't recommend you to do this.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Items

If you want to get the Ko rune, you must at least go to Act II on Nightmare. And you must kill the monster in Act III on Nightmare difficulty to have a chance to drop the Lem rune.

For those monsters that can resurrect allies, Lawbringer sword has a strong antieffect, it can directly invalidate the resurrection ability of these monsters. This is thanks to its Slain Monster Rest in Peace modifier, which is the best weapon against Nihlathak. If you are ready to challenge the D2 Resurrected Items boss, be sure to make the Lawbringer runeword in advance. If you cannot collect all the materials after several hours or even tens of days, I suggest you go directly to MMOWTS to purchase the Runeword. After you place an order in MMOWTS, you can get 3 slots of basic weapons and all three runes soon. You can also purchase other Diablo 2 Resurrected Items you need in MMOWTS and enjoy additional discounts.