What is a rotary union joint? What is the working principle of the rotary union joint? For such a problem, in fact, many customers are very interested. What they need to understand in the process is that the specifications and models of rotary union joints, including some working principles, actually exist. One difference, because in the process of using, you need to select some more suitable products according to the specific conditions of the motor. Another point is very noteworthy. Then when making the selection, you must consider what you actually use. 

Rotary union joints can be specifically classified according to different needs, different uses, and different working principles. Therefore, some rotary union joints of different classifications also have certain differences in working principles.

The working principle of the rotary union joint: input the fluid foreign matter such as slurry and dirt from the static pipeline into the rotating or reciprocating equipment, and increase the rotation range of the optional rotary union joint through the pressure, temperature and speed. The concentricity of the rotating body is used to discharge the slurry, dirt and other fluid foreign substances from the rotating joint.

rotary union joint

During the whole use process, because such a product runs very smoothly and lasts for a long time, plus it is very sturdy and flexible, including some wear coefficients will be relatively small, so it can perform high-speed operation, and here During the use of this rotary union joint, the wear status of internal parts is mainly visually inspected based on the appearance of some external products, so it can be obtained. Therefore, after understanding what a rotary union joint is, it is important to prevent mechanical shutdown or mechanical damage. , All have a good effect, and if an effective preventive effect can be achieved through this form, it can also effectively reduce some losses.

If you purchase in this way, you can also learn more about the problems of some rotary union joints, because the rotary union joints are mainly operated at very high speeds during use, so it is like some seals are worn out. If this is the case, it is mainly achieved by visual inspection of the appearance of the product. In the whole process, more efforts are needed to prevent mechanical downtime or mechanical damage. Only in this way can the use of rotary union joints achieve better preventive effects, and continuously reduce losses, and through such a form, to extend The service life of the rotary union joint, including some sealing rings, may be made of some special materials.

Understanding the working principle of the rotary union joint and the specifications and models of rotary union joints is conducive to better operation and use of rotary union joints. The application fields of rotary union joints cover almost all processing and manufacturing industries. Such as: metallurgy, machine tools, power generation, etc.

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