1. Installation type. 4g gps tracking device has wiring type, wireless type, OBD power-taking type, depending on which one you want.

2. Function. The functions of different 4g gps tracking devices are quite different, especially the wired type and the wireless type.

3. Size. The 4g gps tracking device has large and small, large battery and good signal; the small one is easy to install concealedly, and is suitable for anti-robbing and anti-theft.

4. Brand. The brand of 4g gps tracking device is very important. You must not choose a small brand for cheap, or they will go bankrupt, your APP will no longer be used, and the locator will be useless.

One thing to note is that the SIM card installed before using the locator must confirm the following points: If it is installed, it depends on whether to buy a wireless or a wired one.