Path of Exile’s December event will continue to bring another new challenge. Much like Endless Delve, this event limits players to a small portion of Path of Exile, and only those who want to make the most progress can receive these rewards. It’s time to start Endless Heist. If players want to go as far as possible, they can prepare some POE Currency to improve their strength.

The Endless Heist event lasts for ten days, starting on December 17th and ending on December 27th. In Endless Heist, it will restrict players to Rogue Harbor and the various locations they will visit when accepting Contracts and Blueprints. This mode is like Heist in the normal game mode, but with some POE Currency. Players will no longer need to spend Rogue Markers to run Contracts and Blueprints. The number of drops of new Contracts will also increase, and it is guaranteed to drop from the final showcase every time it runs. After reaching area level 50, Blueprints may also fall from the final showcase.

During the event, players can still buy gems and hand in divination cards from Lilly Roth who will appear in Rogue Harbour. Players can take part in Endless Heist in standard, hardcore, standard single self-found and hardcore single self-found modes. After the event ends, the characters and items of this event will not be transferred to the standard version of the league.

Rewards. The top five players in each game’s Ascendancy Classes will receive Demigod’s Authority’s unique one-handed sword. This sword, like some other Demigod items, can increase the size of the player’s character. Every player who reaches level 50 in Endless Heist will get an Atlantis Mystery Box. The box contains randomly selected micro-transaction items from two different sets of underwater-themed items: the Siren set and the Deepwater set. During the event, each account is limited to one box. Players who reach a higher level during the event will also randomly sample micro-transaction items. Each item will be given out in limited quantities. Upgrading multiple characters will increase the chance of winning the drawing. So players had better buy Path of Exile Currency in advance to improve themselves and win these rewards.