Still think that just injecting yourself with something is enough to grow muscle? It's not.
Bodybuilding is one of the most spectacular and beautiful sports. Not only its competitive part, but also the process of building a sculpted body. Over time, this spectacularity and has spawned many myths and misconceptions around it. It's time to dispel them.

There are many myths and you can't remember them all. Many of them have been passed from mouth to mouth for decades.


"You can inject yourself with special drugs, and everything will grow by itself."

This is a cruel delusion. If you do not have the proper skills to work properly in the gym, no remedy will be effective. Health in this case will be undermined, and the result will not be achieved.

"Girls who work out at the gym turn into men."

This myth comes from professional bodybuilding. There women use synthetic analogs of male hormones to achieve more results. As a result, women's bodies very quickly acquire secondary male sexual characteristics in the form of extensive hairiness, etc. However, this has nothing to do with regular exercise in the gym and working on your body.

"Training with heavy weights in adolescence slows down the body's growth."

This myth was born in Japan when a settlement was discovered in the mountains whose children worked hard in quarries and received extremely meager sustenance.

From this finding, it was concluded that working with heavy weights stunted human growth. However, there are now a great many examples that prove the contrary. When young boys and girls, by training their strength and developing their muscles, they also increased their height.

"Without pharmacological support you can't achieve anything."

You can see on the stage who uses drugs and who doesn't. Athletes who resort to pharmacology are tougher and more gregarious. But many guys don't use any drugs and win championships simply because they created better proportions.

Most professional athletes who compete in major championships don't resort to pharmacology. Sometimes it's just not possible in the context of a certain sport category like Mens Physique, and sometimes athletes just don't consider pharmacology to be something they need. After all, it is quite possible to achieve impressive results without its help.

"To have beautiful abs, you have to pump them."

In reality, abs relief is primarily the absence of subcutaneous fat. Therefore, it is not exercise that is essential in this matter, but rather a healthy diet and cardio.

"Cardio exercise burns muscle."

With the right diet and exercise regimen, the girths of the arms, legs, chest and other things can indeed decrease. But the volumes are reduced by burning the fat layer. Not at the expense of muscle mass.

"Everything will sag in old age."

We see many examples of ageing athletes in great shape. The years take their toll, but only when the aging process is irreversible. In this case, it does not play a special role whether the person was pumped up in former years or not.

What kinds of push-ups are there? From the ordinary to the unbelievable.
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"The number of repetitions corresponds to the specific task at hand: strength or muscle growth."

In reality, it's only the timing of the exercise that counts.

10-20 seconds will develop your strength.
30-40 seconds will promote muscle hypertrophy.
40-60 seconds will help the athlete develop special endurance.
A wide variety of repetitions can fit into the time interval.

"Without big weights you can't achieve big volumes."

In working on muscles the basis is stress, which provokes the subsequent growth. And you can achieve the necessary level of stress even with small weights if you plan your work process wisely.


"All jocks are stupid."

I will refute this myth by personal example. By education I am a nuclear reactor engineer, graduated from the Polytechnic State University. Yes, there may be negative examples of athletes somewhere, but there are also positive ones.

Many experts have higher education, both technical and humanitarian. Naturally, there are even more such people outside of this article. There is no reason to relate a person's mental development to his physical performance. Consequently, there is no reason to believe this myth either.

"If you don't eat anything at all, you lose weight."

This opinion is not wrong, but it is extremely harmful. Depriving yourself of food leads to multiple health problems, and not at all to an athletic body. Deterioration of hair, nails, teeth and skin, weakness and exhaustion are what awaits the starving person instead of a beautiful, athletic body. You can only build a diet with a certain level of knowledge in this area, or enlist the help of a nutritionist.

"Big muscle equals big power."

There is a certain rationality in this. However, there is no direct correlation between muscle volume and strength performance. Powerlifting and bodybuilding are two completely different sports, one focused on improving strength performance and the other on muscle growth. And if this connection were as inevitable and enduring as many people think, there would be no need to separate the two sports from each other.

"You can't drink water during a workout."

During exercise, the body temperature rises and a very substantial amount of water evaporates from the body. Dehydration sets in. And so that in this situation the blood does not thicken, it is necessary to maintain water-salt balance. In other words, drinking water during exercise is not only possible, it is simply necessary to maintain health.

"If you eat a lot, your muscles will grow faster."

In bodybuilding, you need a balanced diet, rich in all components and compiled by a competent specialist according to the individual characteristics of the athlete. In addition, the regime of the day and training has a significant impact on sports performance. Therefore, just eating a lot is a very bad idea for an athlete.

Now empty rumors and misconceptions will have no place in your life. And without them, the idea of bodybuilding will play with new colors. In fact, fitness and bodybuilding are much more interesting than popular rumors make them out to be.

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