6. Make an email list

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 One of the best and most effective ways to increase the size of your business rapidly is to build an email database. That means you will need to create a lead magnet. What else could people do to sign up to your mailing list? A lead magnet is the need for an effective sales channel. Aweber, ConstantContact. ConvertKit. Drip. GetResponse.com are among the businesses which can assist you in creating and manage your list.

 7. Develop strategic alliances

 Strategic partnerships with the right businesses can really make a impact. It is possible to reach a wide range of customers quickly by forming strategic alliances. It can be hard to identify the ideal partnerships. However, you should look for businesses that have a similarity to your own. You can contact them and discuss collaboration opportunities.

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 8. Make use of global platforms

 Are you selling products via e-commerce? Amazon's FBA service is worth it. Are you in the service business? Why not use Upwork Are you in the rental of vacation homes? Make use of AirBnB as well as InvitedHome to make the most out of your rental business. Find a platform that's at a point of saturation and utilize it to grow your business quickly.

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 9. Licensing deals

 License deals are a fantastic method of expanding your business quickly without too much work. It is easy to grow your business by licensing a product to other businesses and sharing revenue. A popular or well-respected product could be licensed to a large company, which will help you reach more market saturation.

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 10. Think about a franchise.

 If you're running a profitable company, and are looking to grow rapidly, you should think about franchising your business. Costs for franchises can be high and it takes a lot more knowledge in marketing to make the switch to a franchise system work. However, it could be a great option to help you achieve rapid growth.