If you've been nervous about what Slimane's appointment as Phoebe Philo's successor at Celine might mean for a brand whose modern image has been predicated on the love and understanding of real, live, working, mothering, fully functional adult professional women, well, I'm here for you.

Say the words Celine, Phoebe Philo or Hedi Slimane around any handbag aficionado and you're likely to open up a gigantic can of worms. It's no secret that Hedi Slimane's first collection for Celine was not well received amongst fashion lovers. Maybe it's because, like most people, fashion folk aren't keen on big change, or maybe it's because the impact that Phoebe Philo left on Celine and the fashion industry as a whole was nothing short of legendary. Regardless of the reason, in a resistance unlike any Celine Bags On Sale other, Celine fans started a boycott of sorts, and the #OldCeline hashtag took on a life of its own.

A few years later, in 1964, the Celine fashion house released a new fragrance, Vent Fou. Next was a release of the brands American Sulky line, an accessories collection that included Celine handbags and wallets, the success of which elevated the Celine name further in the fashion industry. Responding to the publics interest in high-quality leather, founders Vipiana and Richard opened a factory in Florence where they manufactured leather goods using the highest quality production methods.

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