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Sole Proprietorship of Artists

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It's just you, your artwork, and a dream. You're likely already a sole owner. This means that all of your personal assets as well as your business's assets are part of it.


are tied. All the earnings you make from your artwork when tax time arrives is reported on your personal tax returns. That means that you'll need to report all the income from your artwork in your tax return.

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Any potential liability is your obligation.


If you're sole proprietor, you must be aware of some tax implications. It is likely that you must pay self employment taxes.


Taxes for the estimated quarterly period Additionally to your annual tax return, you'll need to file quarterly returns. You will most likely file a Schedule C or 1040 return however, you must file it at all times.

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Consult with your personal accountant to ensure you are in compliance.


Artists can choose to form partnerships through business models


Consider a collaboration if you have an artist that works for your business or when you own a part of the company.

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Art business partnership


There are a few options for how to do this. You can form an general partnership (where the entire amount is split equally), or a limited partnership.


Partnership liability.


A partnership is not technically considered to be a tax-exempt entity. However, you'll require an annual tax return. However, you are taxed jointly on the income you earn from your partnership.

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Individual tax returns. There are many benefits of a partnership structure. For example, you share the financial burden associated in a new venture, and do not need to submit income tax.


It is a partnership. However, you will be personally responsible for each other's debts and you have to trust your partners when they make their payments.

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LLCs are for artists


A LLC (limited liability company) is a well-known organization for musicians. It provides greater liability protection, as we have discussed.


owner, as well as the tax benefits the partnership can provide. You will need to file in the state where you reside to establish an LLC. Similar to a partnership you can also create an LLC.

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Multiple owners can be allowed to "pass through" the LLC This will permit owners to pay their own taxes on the earnings they earn.




Since they are more widespread than personal assets, LLCs are the most well-known business structures.


DBA there is no separation, which means that if you are sued, your personal assets could be at risk.

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DBA (Doing Business as) Options for Artists


DBA is shorthand for "doing Business as". DBA can refer to any name that you registered to use to market your work that isn't your legal business. DBA


This is not a legal structure for a business and doesn't provide personal liability protection like an LLC. If you are in any way sued, regardless of the reason that relates to your company,


business, a court could allocate your personal assets to pay damages.