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 Are you looking for a business strategy?

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 Training, experience or licensure may be required

 You could make a flyer that outlines your offerings. Before you can do this, you need to be aware of what the services you offer will be. You may be searching for bookkeeping services that are suitable for small-sized businesses. If your business needs it, a more complex accounting process could consist of the creation of income statements, balance sheets, as well as other financial statements on a monthly, quarterly, or annually. Tax accounting is a different area of potential work.

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 This business is seasonal in a lot of regions of the United States. However there are ways to get around it. You can rent a storage facility and offer to store people's bicycles during winter, after you do an inspection and repairs on them. It is possible to do business all year round if you are looking to cater to Lance Armstrong wannabes. Road racers train in cold, dark, and snow. Some of them ride their bikes, but the majority don't. You can still get your business all year. It is also possible that you'll have a lot of cyclists stopping by your shop on Saturdays to talk about everything cycling related.