Every time you enter an amount of money, the system automatically enters the person who donated and categorizes them as a "Donor" within your account. This lets you sort through

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 Contacts who have donated artwork for your institution.

 This is the same when you register sales from benefit auctions. Each time you register the sale Artwork Archive labels the buyer as a 'Client', allowing you to

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 This important demographic can be easily tracked

 It is crucial to find out which contacts have bought works or donated, as this will give you valuable information regarding what to do next.

 It is essential to make steps to boost your revenue, reach out to targeted groups in your circle, and become more effective.

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 You can take action to enhance your analytics

 Your organization collects art but also a lot more data. Don't let the important information get scattered in different platforms or desktops. Make sure you keep your

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 All the information you require all in one place. You can identify your most valuable donors, connect with those who have the greatest potential, and hire art.