Let's say the philanthropist you met has become one of your most frequent donors. You might consider grouping her with other donors. Consider including this contact.

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 To a group called "VIP Donors", you can send the entire group special offers that will build your relationships.

 Are you planning an exhibition? You could also make it easier by corresponding with all of the artists simultaneously.

 Notifications to follow-up on artists with regards to shipping deadlines, loans agreements, or other special events such as openings and lectures.

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 Get crucial details quickly

 The system registers the donation automatically when you enter a donation. The system then categorizes them on your account as a'Donor'. This lets you to sort through

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 the names of people you know who have donated artwork for your organization.

 The same applies to registrations of sales from benefit auctions. Artwork Archive labels each buyer when you record the sale. This lets you quickly identify the buyer.

 This is a simple way to monitor this important demographic.

 You can learn important details about the next steps knowing which contacts have made donations or purchased work.

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 You must take steps to increase your income, connect to targeted groups in your network, and become more effective.