That's great! Seamlessly share information from Artwork Archive with your donor management system.

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 We work with clients that have curatorial/exhibition staff that works with a separate development team. Consider combining a museum and academic institution

 staff and a college advancement team. Artwork Archive allows for easy sharing of all data related to artwork between teams. You can create reports for sharing

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 Out and to align across departments. Transfer contact information from your existing CRM. House it in one centralized database to support your work




 Your Art Collection Database Can Be a Fundraising Tool

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 Artwork Archive is not a tool for fundraising. Artwork Archive gives artists, collectors, and other organizations with powerful tools.

 Their work as well as their career and collection. We've learned from the ingenuity of our customers that we're more than just a database of art.

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 COVID has enabled organizations for the arts to become creative in how they interact with supporters. Here are a few examples of how institutions for the arts use our tools.

 Increase engagement and revenue.

 Make use of online exhibitions to raise funds

 In response to epidemics in response to pandemics, in response to pandemics, the Albin Polasek Museum & Sculpture Gardens was closed in Winter Park.